Q1:    Why should I have my alarm serviced? It seems to be working as it should!
A1:    Alarms need to be serviced to ensure they function correctly.  This involves checking voltages, testing circuits and making adjustments where necessary.  Simply because the system turns on/off does not mean that it is functioning properly.

Q2:   How long will my alarm last on battery with no power ?
A2:   This depends on the standby current being drawn, the battery size and its condition.  As an example, for the new grade 2 systems we install, battery life is calculated to last 12 hours.  For older BS 4737 systems battery life is estimated to be 8 hours, or less.

Q3:    Why does my alarm ring outside when I have switched the power off ?
A3:    The alarm battery is flat or a fuse has blown – call us.

Q4:    Why does my alarm ‘bleep’ every 30 seconds or so?
A4:    This is probably a battery smoke alarm giving you a low battery warning.

Q5:    Why does my smoke alarm keep activating?
A5:    Try vacuuming it out – dust can cause false alarms, or the unit is out of date (typically units have a 10 year life expectancy).

Q6:    Can I add a speech dialer unit to my existing alarm to notify me if it activates ?
A6:    Yes, no problem! We can even add this option if you don’t have a phone line – some dialers use mobile phone networks instead of your home/business phone line.